Monday, January 10, 2011

LWF11 - Tim Rylands

Tim Rylands talking about telling stories: talking, writing and asking questions. Games like Myst and Epic Citadel create a great context for developing creativity. Variety of ways of showing this creativity - saying what they see, creating videos, using Zoo Burst to create a 3D pop-up book, Comic Life, 2Create...

Creating and generating - what apps exist to allow children to create. Demonstrated Brushes to show how pictures can be used as a basis for children's own work (and produce time lapse of the creation process). Colour Splash - isolate one aspect of a picture to highlight. Phyzios Sculptor - make boxes and models. Let's Create Pottery - virtual potters wheel. Voxel - A 3D Sculpting app. Geared - combining and creating.

Dropbox makes it easy to share items. Bump - fun way to share info.

Puppet Pals - stick puppets without the sticks. Granimator. iDough - make 3D virtual clay models. Greenscreen in iMovie. Voicethread - children record their stories inspired by the picture.

Sometimes it is worth pretending to pupils that we don't know how to do something so that the pupils will teach us - some great learning can take place in those situations.

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