Monday, January 10, 2011

LWF11 - Professor Richard Noss

Changing what we can know

As technology is built into the infrastructure, there are two things we have to consider: the technology is shaped by the cultural niche in which it is placed but it also shapes the niche. That's why the iPad is interesting. It fits with what people are doing with technology - browsing pictures, watching films, surfing the Internet...

Educational resonance. What people learn in schools needs to be as powerful and engaging as what they learn at home. Needs to be meaningful. (As an aside, the speaker noted that a huge amount of data on how Boris Bikes are used is available online and is begging to be used by learners.

How do we teach algebra? Pencil and paper may not be the best way. How do we give tools that help children learn algebraic concepts. Speaker showed a function machine type application that allows children to play with numbers.

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