Monday, January 10, 2011

Learning without Frontiers - Saul Nassé, Controller, BBC Learning

Live(ish) capture of Saul Nassé - Inspiring Lives Full of Learning

Talking about the power of media to inspire and shape peoples' learning. For example there was a video of Nick Park saying how he was inspired by seeing Morph on Take Hart and how at the time he didn't see this as learning - he was being entertained but he realises now what an impact it had.

The power of the moving image to ignite sparks of learning is immense. There is a false dichotomy between formal and informal learning. The BBC for example are formally linking the PSHE curriculum to Eastenders - specifically thought the E20 website. Extracting real learning from the combination of media and the online social community.

Also talked about the Doomsday project from the 1980s and how they will, later this year (March?), and place the Doomsday disk resources online. Also, they will enlist the public in helping them to update and develop the material. {Excellent - it seems the technology has caught up with the ambition of the original intent of the project.}

He said with young audiences, the BBC will struggle to keep up with what they are already doing.

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